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Ingredient Spotlight: Niacinamide

Ingredient Spotlight: Niacinamide

The skincare industry is often dominated by trendy and buzzworthy ingredients, and one you might be seeing everywhere right now is niacinamide. Since we're seeing it pop-up everywhere from beauty influencer feeds and magazine articles, we thought we'd dive into this ingredient this week for our latest spotlight. 

Niacinamide is a form of Vitamin B3, and is amazing for a long list of reasons. No matter your skin type, this vitamin can work wonders and is even better when paired with other powerhouse ingredients. It's all the rage for a reason - so what can it do?

Benefits of Niacinamide 

For starters, niacinamide promotes elasticity and moisturization in the skin. It actually helps grow your skin barrier that helps you better retain moisture so when you do apply all of your moisturizing products, they perform that much better. Many Miracle 10 formulas add Niacinamide alongside moisturizing and high-performing active ingredients, so you know you're going to see skin radiance as a result. And, most importantly, we use the ingredient at its maximum active concentration of 2% - this means it does its job as effectively as possible without impacting the efficacy of other ingredients it's formulated with.

Niacinamide is also excellent for treating unwanted pigmentation - from sun damage to hyperpigmentation spots that appear over time, it actively works to treat and fade the appearance of these marks. Moreover, it helps protect your skin from future damage and pigmentation, creating an overall more even skin tone long-term. 

If you're dealing with dry or oily skin, this ingredient also helps to balance oil production, and in turn diminishes blemishes and acne, the effects of aging, and enlarged pores. By improving the overall health of your skin, oil production can be managed and these all-too-common concerns treated. It's truly a vitamin that's beneficial for all! 

What should I use?

Now, where can you find this vitamin in our line? In many powerful products. We love this ingredient, and when it's paired with other actives like AHAs (like glycolic acid and lactic acid), BHAs (like salicylic acid), vitamins and peptides, its effectiveness is multiplied and you really start to see results in your skin. With every heavy-hitting ingredient we have in our formulas, we also work to get the highest concentration possible while maintaining safety and ensuring the formula is gentle. 

If blemishes and acne are a major concern, try using Veil as your day-to-day moisturizer. This moisturizer is packed with niacinamide and paired with salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid and allantoin, all to soothe and hydrate skin while managing breakouts and oil production.

For pigmentation and anti-aging, we always come back to our retinol products - Retinol 30, Retinol 60 and Retinol 90 all have niacinamide in the formula alongside a slew of powerful and soothing actives to ensure you see the best retinol results without major skin irritation. 

If you're wanting to see the benefits of Vitamin B3 all over, our Body Silk has 2% niacinamide alongside coconut oil, shea butter, squalane, and tocopheryl for super hydrated skin. 

Finally, you'll also find it in several of our Platinum products including Stem Cell Serum, Renewal Complex and Night Repair - each of these potent products are designed for some heavy-hitting results, and are ideal for advanced skincare users. 


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