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How to Give Skincare As a Gift

How to Give Skincare As a Gift

We get a lot of questions this time of year from people wanting to gift skincare to a friend or loved one (or even for secret santa!). This year, we’re answering your frequently asked questions in the form of a skincare gift guide. Read on to discover our top tips for gifting skincare and of course, get in touch if you have any questions! We’re always here to help.

  • Select a product (or products) for all skin-types. If you don’t know exactly what your giftee uses, or what her skin-type is, we want you to play it safe and choose a product any skin type can use. Mask, Enzyme, Cleanser I, Eye Treatment, and Toner are all great options here and will deliver a noticeable difference in the skin’s look.

  • For the guys in your life, shop anything from our Men’s Collection. It’s designed for all skin-types, so anything you pick will do the trick. If you want to see an awesome result, we recommend the full Men’s Grooming Gift Set. If your budget is a smaller, then Tone or Eye are sure to make a big impact (two areas men generally tend to neglect!).

  • For someone super special, choose a booster product that will WOW! Lots of skincare users avoid deviating from their daily ritual (think boring old cleansing and toning) and choose to spend their budget on the basics. Gifting a powerful booster product like Super C, Retinol Treatment 30, or Botanical Oil can make a huge difference in the look of someone’s skin and take their regimen to the next level. Peruse all of our Booster Products here, just make sure to select a product that’s appropriate for your giftee’s skin type.


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