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Hand Care 101

Hand Repair - Body Collection
Did you know that your hands are one of the first areas of your body to show signs of ageing? When you think about it, our hands are just as exposed to harmful elements like UV rays and environmental stressors as our face is. When you leave them unprotected, the results can be troublesome. Your hands are home to some of the most delicate and thinnest skin on your entire body. And yet, we don't show them nearly as much love as we should. We are so particular about the products we put on our faces, why not do the same thing with our hands? They say the hands are the most sensitive and intimate source of communication. It's time we start being consistent in keeping them protected and hydrated. 

Our Guide to Hand Care

Sanitizing our hands daily is definitely one of the many ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 but it's also what has left our hands dry, itchy and seriously inflamed. No one wants to deal with cracking skin. Thankfully, it's never too late to heal your skin and we have one, holy-grail product to thank: Intensive Hand Repair.

You'd be surprised how far a pea-sized amount can go! President Ann Marie's biggest concern when formulating Intensive Hand Repair was to have the perfect blend of ingredients to not only combat dry and cracked skin but heal it the way our facial skincare products can. So, she infused it with 2% Niacinamide and Lactic Acid, two hero ingredients for skin restoration, might we add. Niacinamide works to helps build and strengthen skin cells while also protecting them from those harsh environmental stresses we experience daily. We'd like to make a worthy mention to another major ingredient in our formula, Colloidal Oatmeal, which provides antioxidant and anti-irritant benefits to calm and heal the look of the skin. The most satisfying part is that even after washing your hands, they're still smooth and hydrated. 

Apply Intensive Hand Repair multiple times a day to keep the lipid levels at bay. Wait, what on earth is a lipid? Lipids are natural fats that are stored beneath the surface of your skin. Together, they help strengthen your skin barrier which in turn, helps protect your hands from harsh surfaces or physically demanding activities. This is why it's imperative to maintain a good balance of moisture and hydration, especially after applying hand sanitizer non-stop. Don't forget that harsh fragrances and alcohols found in soaps can also contribute to skin sensitivity.

We know all too well how uncomfortable cracked, itchy skin can be. So, we thought we give you a lending hand with some of these key tips to maintaining soft and hydrated hands:
  • Ensure that after washing your hands, you immediately lock-in the moisture with Intensive Hand Repair. Immediate application will help seal in the hydration and keep your hands moisturized. 
  • Consider purchasing a hand sanitizer formulated with a moisturizing base to reduce further inflammation. 
  • Did you know stress could be a leading factor in causing dry hands? A little bit of self-care can help relieve any tension in the mind and body.
  • Intensive Hand Repair is small enough to be left in your car or carried with you in your bag. You know, in case of hand emergencies.

    Skincare From Your Hands to Your Toes

    Let this be your PSA for the day: Taking care of your feet is just as important as taking care of your hands. Our feet need a little loving, too. With this rollercoaster of weather fluctuations, we're likely to experience more skin dryness than usual.

    Whether your feet are stuffed in running shoes, work shoes or fuzzy slippers, they work hard for you on a day-to-day basis. Like our hands, our feet are constantly exposed to harsh elements that leave your skin prone to cracks and dryness. Not only is it unpleasant to the touch, but untreated cracks along the heels and soles could also allow for bacteria growth that may cause an infection. So, it's safe to say we all need to up our moisturizing game!

    Did you know that you can use our Body Collection to give yourself a DIY spa treatment on your toes? Start with a thorough scrub with Body Polish immediately followed by a thick layer of Body Silk or Intensive Hand Repair. Work it well into the skin and apply a pair of your fave socks. Wear it overnight and in the morning, your feet will be on a whole new level. We love doing this overnight foot mask 1-2 times a week to help combat the cracks and cuts on the soles and heels. Trust us when we say your feet will appear soothed and noticeably healthier.

    We're all dying for a pedicure right about now - can you believe there are only 66 days until summer?! But in the meantime, check out these tips to up your at-home foot care:
    1. Cleansing is important. Your soles are exposed to many germs on a day-to-day basis! Your feet have 125,000 sweat glands which call for a gentle cleanser. Body Cleanser is a gentle body wash with salicylic acid and natural moisturizing factors formulated to soften and clear the expression of the skin. Enriched with Malichite extract, this powerful ingredient provides your antioxidant-rich protection.
    2. Moisturize nightly. Your skin goes from protection to repair mode at night. Moisturizing daily using Body Silk or Intensive Hand Repair, especially fresh out of the shower, is crucial to help lock moisture in.  
    3. Avoid moisturizing between your toes. This is the only area in the feet that needs to keep as dry as possible. Moisture between the toes can cause fungal growth and lead to infection. 
    4. Socks are your best friends. Wearing socks can help reduce unwanted friction on the soles of your feet. Cotton socks can help your skin breathe while locking in healthy moisture. 


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