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Glowing Skin Goes Glam

Glowing Skin Goes Glam
By Elizabeth Lista
Editor’s note: Elizabeth Lista is the daughter of our founder, Ann Marie MacDonald. She joined Miracle 10 in 2012 and now serves as our Director of Communications and Operations. She lives in Leslieville with her husband and their two young daughters (3 and 1). Follow her on Instagram.

I’ve always been in love with beauty. When I was a kid, I would sit in the passenger seat of my mum’s car and riffle carefully through her makeup bag. I would gently handle the products, opening and closing the lids, excited for the day when such a collection could be mine. Eventually, she promoted me to assistant, and I would pass her each of her lip products, in the exact order she needed them (Chanel lip liner, Bobbi Brown lipstick, and MAC Lip Glass – you remember the lip glass). When I was old enough, she let me wear her creams and apply her mascara. Then she bought me my own, and I was hooked.  

When I joined Miracle 10 in 2012, the goal was to make skin glow (your skin, our skin... everyone’s skin!). And that will 
always be our #1 priority. But we’re glam girls at heart, and when a few of you started asking if we would create a makeup line it turned something on in us that couldn’t be shut off. We found ourselves re-inspecting our tried and true makeup favourites, as well as the disappointing duds. What makes this blush so good? Why do mascaras flake? Is there a lip product that lasts all day without peeling? It wasn’t long after we started asking these questions that we set to work on what is now our first ever makeup collection. We like a good challenge.  

I’ve gone through phases of wearing more makeup and phases of wearing less – as I’m sure many of you have. I've realized that whichever phase I’m in, I just love the feeling of putting on makeup, no matter how minimalist or maximalist the application. The perfect swipe of colour. A flawlessly executed eyeliner. A sun-kissed glow with a dusting of bronzer. These are simple, everyday joys, and it is this feeling our new makeup collection celebrates.

Easy to use products in perfect pigments work to enhance all the hard-work of your skincare. You're going to show off your glowing skin, not distract from it. Applying these products is basically foolproof, we know you don’t have time to be overly fussy. (Ok the liquid matte is a bit intimidating but when you see how it lasts all day, you’ll forgive us). Universal, timeless shades ensure our multi-cultural and multi-generational customer base is beautifully represented. It’s really, really good stuff.  

The other day, when Ann and I were sitting in her office pouring over packaging decisions and playing with finalized products, I thought back on my early days as her little assistant. My mum was, and is, endlessly glamorous. And that beauty is rivaled only by her kindness. It occurred to me that when I was sitting in the passenger seat of her car, Ann wasn’t just getting me to give her a hand. She was letting me in on her world of everyday glamour – a place where beauty is joy and kindness is the law of the land. Letting people into this world has always been her gift. And she's doing it still now, on a way bigger scale; spreading all that goodness and glamour like a modern-day fairy godmother sprinkling her magic beauty dust. 

With skincare and makeup, our Miracle 10 world is complete. Come, let's have some fun.

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