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Glow Getter Spotlight: Kristen Gale

Glow Getter Spotlight: Kristen Gale

meet: kristen gale, creator + ceo of THE TEN SPOT ® beauty bars. THE TEN SPOT ® is canada’s largest and fastest growing beauty bar and retail company. a celebrated brand, THE TEN SPOT ® is led by creator and ceo kristen gale, one of the country’s most recognized young leaders and entrepreneurs. in 2006, kristen saw an opportunity to close the beauty market gap between the cheap and often-questionable nail shops and the expensive and often over-the-top spas. kristen envisioned an offering that combined the efficiency of the nail salons with the service excellence of spas.

kristen harnessed the perfect storm of concept, timing, and market. she targeted the massive demographic of women aged 18 – 65 with a goal to deliver what all busy women want: a one-stop-shop for getting all their beauty maintenance services in one “spot”. within three months of creating her vision, kristen and her team opened their doors on queen street west to THE TEN SPOT ® – toronto’s first niche beauty bar and anti-spa.the future is beyond bright for kristen + the rapidly expanding 10spot ® team.

What’s Your Current Skincare Routine? Are You Someone Who Likes to Follow Each Skincare Step Every Night? What Are Some of Your Favourite Miracle 10 Products to Use?

I’d say I keep a pretty simple skincare routine. The fewer the steps the more likely I am to stick to it with my busy schedule. Typically, I’ll use Cleanser I and Light Serum in the morning, and the Night cream or Moisture just before bed because it's a little thicker. I keep them together on the shelf in my bathroom and grab whichever one is on top because I love them both.

I really love Miracle 10 because it’s easy and uncomplicated but still makes my skin look and feel amazing. When I can, I also mix in the Retinol formula (which I’ve been better at remembering to do during COVID).

Do you have any beauty/Skincare hacks or tips that have upped your beauty game?

Keep it simple and double up. I have two sets of beauty products at home split between locations where they’re most convenient, this way I never miss out on a step. So for example, I have two Cleanser I's. One by the sink and one in the shower. I actually also do this with my toothbrushes and toothpaste too which makes it easy for my morning showers and before bed routines.

What’s currently in your bag (Beauty and non-beauty related)? What things must you always have immediate access to throughout the day?

My lip balm! I have one in just about every location of my house, every jacket pocket, my nightstand and in my car. Also always have a stash of my travel-sized Miracle 10 products like my Cleanser I, Light Serum, Night cream. Can’t live without my eyenvy and a stack of dailies contact lenses.

What’s something that no one really knows about you?

One thing not many people may know is that two summers ago I got a motorcycle and my motorcycle license. Since then I’ve loved going on long day trips. I find shorter rides are less practical for me in the city (the helmet really messes with your hair so it’s just not worth it for a short trip), but long rides are something I really enjoy. Life is a highway, right?

Here at Miracle 10, we love to define a Glow Getter as someone who isn’t afraid to be their true, authentic self. In your words, what does it mean to be a Glow Getter?

To me, a Glow Getter is somebody who goes for everything they want in life. They choose to push aside assumed limitations they set on themselves (which we’re all guilty of at times). For example, if you tell yourself every day, “I’m not a morning person,” mornings are never going to be any easier. But if you want to be a morning person...start waking up earlier. I’m of the belief that everybody has the power to change and empower their life at any given moment just by deciding what they want and acting on it.


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