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Glow Getter Spotlight: Dr. Goyal

Dr. Neha Goyal
Meet Dr. Neha Goyal, a co-medical director over at the MD Beauty Clinic. She has been a member of the College of Family Physicians of Canada since 2015. After graduating from her Family Medicine residency at the University of Toronto, she went on to complete a fellowship in Academic and Hospital Medicine. Her superpower is her ability to give her patients natural yet beautiful results - She's sought after for her refreshing approach to cosmetic medicine. We're so grateful to have sat down and chatted with Dr. Goyal about skincare, lifestyle, and so more for this month's Glow Getter feature.

Welcome, Dr. Goyal! We're really curious to know: Have you always cared for your skin? Was there a moment or time in your life that propelled you into self-care?

I've been taking care of my skin for as long as I can remember. I think I started using retinol when I was 16 years old! I amped up my skincare routine in my mid 20's when I started to suffer from some adult-onset acne (probably more like medical school onset acne) and my focus became acne prevention as well as the treatment for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Your skincare dedication shows! So, tell us a little bit about yourself. What made you get into medicine? 

My path into medicine was not straightforward. I have a Commerce Honours Undergraduate degree from McMaster and I was planning on pursuing a JD-MBA. Somewhere along my fourth year of undergrad, my plans and interests changed and I decided to apply to medical school. Even now, I'm continuing to engage in continuing medical education so I can focus my career to practice the type of medicine I love - which is all things beauty and skin!

No way! Aren't we glad you headed into healthcare. As you know, we're *obsessed* with a good skincare routine. What does yours currently look like?  

Most nights my skincare routine is the exact same and I am definitely the person who likes to follow a plan. I usually change my skincare routine every season. Currently, I wash my face with my Miracle 10 Cleanser II, use my Solution I followed by application of Retinol. I wait 10 minutes for the retinol to absorb and then I apply a hydrating moisturizer to my face. 

We love a skincare junkie who follows plan🙏 Which Miracle 10 product would you consider your superhero product?

Veil is my go-to when struggling with acne or maskne (!!) during this pandemic. When I'm struggling with post-inflammatory pigmentation from the acne, I rely on Fade Out to even out my complexion. 

What are a few things you just can’t leave the house without? (Skincare and non-beauty related are welcome!)

You will never see me without my iced coffee mixed with my morning protein shake!! Other things I never travel without are my SPF lip balm, sunglasses, and hand cream!

Trying that ASAP! What’s something no one really knows about you?

I was in a Bollywood movie when I was 16, as a background dancer! 😂

Working at the MD Beauty Clinic must mean that you've been able to try out a few treatments or 2. Which treatment is your fave?

This is easy - PRP micro-needling... But I'll also never turn down a Miracle 10 Facial Peel!

Here at Miracle 10, we define a Glow Getter as someone who isn’t afraid to be their true, authentic self. In your words, what does it mean to be a Glow Getter?

I think a Glow Getter is someone who is unapologetic about taking time for themselves to take care of their body and skin. Whether this is through focusing on nutrition, exercise, and/or skincare!

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