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Glow Getter Spotlight: Dr. Chbat

Glow Getter Spotlight: Dr. Chbat
My name is Tarek Chbat. I'm of Lebanese descent and immigrated to Canada 20 years ago. I graduated from med school in 2011 and started my anesthesia residency. During that time I started getting interested in cosmetics, and while doing my anesthesia training I decided to get my training for aesthetics in 2012. I was certified in aesthetics while still doing my residency. I finished my residency in 2016 and went for a subspecialty of chronic pain. So I'm currently certified in anesthesia, chronic pain, and aesthetics. Outside of my career, I do enjoy playing sports and spending time with my little ones And hopefully one day get them as excited and passionate about sports as I am. I also enjoy the outdoor activities, although I do not like any winter activities as I do not like the cold!

Hi Dr. Chbat! We're so excited to finally feature you as our December Glow Getter. Let's start off strong by asking you what led you to this profession? How did you fall in love with being an injector and now Co-Medical Director at MD Beauty Clinic?

I got into the aesthetic fields initially when a friend of mine who owned the spa asked me if I could perform injectables at her spa. I had no clue what it was initially, and I thought it would be difficult to get into from the college perspective. But then after inquiring about it, in realizing that I am able to do it as a resident back then, I got certified in it and I started working under other doctors at multiple locations until I became more comfortable and more experienced with all the procedures. When I graduated from residency and had my independent license I was able to branch out and do it on my own.

So I can tell you that it was luck that got me into this but if you believe in fate and know how passionate about this topic, you would know that I was destined to be in this field.

Fate working its magic! A big congratulations is due on the birth of your newborn baby! As a dad of 3 beautiful kids, what have you been doing for self-care? How do you find time to decompress?

I decompress by playing sports (again, any sports that don't include snow lol)... I haven't been able to for the past two years with the pandemic but now things are opening up again and I'm happy with that!

Now, we can only imagine how being an injector/anesthesiologist by-day and a full-time dad can get hectic, especially with a jam-packed schedule like yours. What are some things you do that keeps you grounded?

As long as my wife doesn't see my answer, we should be okay... To be quite honest, with my busy schedule, sometimes I find it very challenging to keep up with my kids as much as I would like to. That being said, when I'm not at work I do nothing but spend time with my kids and play with them and try to catch up on any lost time. So I still don't have a full grasp on how to manage both schedules but I am trying. And hopefully what I'm doing today will set me up to be able to be around my kids more often in the next few years.

We're sure you'll find that healthy balance in time, Dr. Chbat! We're curious to ask: What's something no one really knows about you?

If It's something that no one knows about me then there's a reason for that lol. Because otherwise I'm pretty open in terms of everything and I discuss anything with anyone who asks. An interesting fact about me that I could give you is that I do not drink hot beverages. I don't drink coffee or tea!

Not sure how you get through your day without caffeine but we can only aspire to be as great as you! Along with your great work ethic and talent, your skincare game is on point. Do you have any hacks or tips that has upped your game? 

It's all about simplicity for me because when you’re always on the go, its pretty tough to get your skincare routine in. I love the Miracle 10 Light Serum – that’s my go to product. If there’s anything about growing facial hair, it’s always making sure to moisturize, fellas. We underestimate how dry our beards can get, especially this season. So, I usually wash my face thoroughly with a cleanser in the evening and follow through with Light Serum. A simple but effective routine.


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