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Glow Getter Spotlight: Dr. Agnete Toesti

Glow Getter Spotlight: Dr. Agnete Toesti

Hi, I am Dr. Agnete Toesti. I’m originally from Norway and I studied medicine at RCSI in Dublin, which is also where I met my Canadian husband Dr. Jamil Ahmad. 20 years later we are raising 3 children, working and traveling together. And I recently became a Canadian! I’m passionate about so many things! Family and friendships are the cornerstone of my life.

Thanks so much for sitting down with us, we're so happy you're here. Your skin is so beautiful, can you tell us what got you into skincare?

Thank you! I’m fortunate that good skin runs in my family. For the longest time all I used was an Olay moisturizer with spf morning and night. But after I had my first baby in my mid 30’s, my skin quality took a nosedive seemingly overnight. All of a sudden it was dull and lifeless, which accentuated all my fine lines, and that made me spring into action. Miracle10 was the natural choice because it’s accessible (we sell it at the practice) and it’s a quality clinical grade product.

Was there a moment or time in your life that propelled you into self-care?

The pregnancies certainly brought a big change to my life. The way I felt inside (joyous and enthusiastic) didn’t match what reflected back at me in the mirror. And with aging I find that self care has become so important. Eating, drinking and sleeping well and exercising regularly are all important self care measures. Having a consistent skin care regiment is a mainstay in my life now because I continue to see such a huge improvement. I feel my skin is finally in balance with what’s going on on the inside.

Your baking skills are on point and your desserts look absolutely delicious!  How do you find the time to wind down and menatlly ground yourself? 

I’m wildly passionate about food, and especially dessert. Home baking is a common hobby in Norway, but it wasn’t until I started working as a physician that I truly started to have more success with it. Hot tip: I bought an IKEA scale! When I bake it’s all I think about. So there’s a mindful aspect to it. I bring all my focus and attention to what I’m doing, so I prefer to bake at night after the kids have gone to bed, especially if I’m making something complicated. Baking can be unpredictable and half the time I mess up, so I need to have a whole arsenal of words of encouragement. What I tell my children is that hard times will pass. The important thing is to try, take a leap, even if you may fall. Eventually you will soar.

What skincare product could you not live without?

The AHA cream was a game changer. And I have deep love for toner. It just works so amazingly, softening and evening out the skin. And I carry the Miracle 10 Rejuvenating Mist with me at all times. It’s especially good on planes when your skin needs a little pick me up.

Tell us a little bit about your skin type and routine? How did you find your groove with skincare? Do you like to indulge in any specific treatments?

I have sensitive skin, but I use the normal/aging skin range in M10 because I tolerate it well. I wash my face with M10 cleanser 1 in the morning, then apply Toner and Light Serum (summer) while the skin is still damp. In the winter I use a moisturizer from Cerave with hyaluronic acid for added plumping. I always apply a barrier spf (Elta MD) last. At night I cleanse with a makeup remover (Aveeno), then apply M10 toner and M10 AHA cream +\- Super C or Retinol 60. I finish with the Cerave cream for hydration. I realize I’ve been naturally cycling my skin care regiment. I’m so in tune with what my skin needs, that I adjust what I apply accordingly.

I was traveling in a sunny place recently and I found that all my skin needed was lots of hydration, and less exfoliants etc. I will resume retinol and active treatments when my skin isn’t so sensitive and sun exposed. I have to say the M10 Super C has been incredible. I mix it with AHA Cream and when I wake up in the morning the skin is glowing. It’s extraordinary!

Here at Miracle 10, we love to define a Glow Getter as someone who isn’t afraid to be their true, authentic self. In your words, what does it mean to be a Glow Getter?

It means to be the best version of you and to let your love, joy and sense of fun radiate.


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