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Glow Getter Spotlight: Elizabeth Lista

Meet Elizabeth Lista, the Chief Operating Officer at Miracle 10 and MD Beauty Clinic. For our local glow getters who frequent our Toronto and Mississauga boutiques, this big smile may look very familiar to you 👋 When she isn't busy running the show with mom and President, Ann Marie, she's doing so at home—And as a mother of two, it's safe to say any and all downtime is a cherished and sacred moment. So when we finally managed a chance to chat all things wellness and beauty, we made sure not to disappoint. 

What does your morning ritual like?

In my ideal world, I wake up around 5:30 am, turn on CBC radio, make a coffee and go right into my office. I do the New York Times mini crossword and then get to work. I am almost always my brightest and most productive early in the morning and I feel better when I have this time to myself and there’s no one to interrupt me. The kids wake up around 6:30 am and then all hell breaks loose. I’ll usually make them breakfast and then go back into my office for 30 minutes or so before getting myself and them ready for the day. We’re usually out the door by 8 am. My morning skincare routine is quick and dirty. Platinum Cleanser, Solution I or Rejuvenating Mist (depending what my skin needs that day), sunscreen and then Light Serum or Moisture on top. Makeup, get dressed, go

We know that you're all about maintaining and supporting mental and physical wellness, so what are some words of affirmation you tell yourself or others when feeling down?

Words of affirmation aren’t really my thing but I did hear an expression recently that really resonated: “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” It’s probably a saying that’s been around forever but I’ve been too busy pouring from my empty cup to hear it! I’ve been working hard at making sure I have enough time to re-charge and invest in my wellness so that I can be fully present for everyone and everything else in my life. I’m also accepting that it’s ok to not be 100% all the time.

Do you think it’s possible to “keep it all together”? How do you juggle work, home and personal time balance?

No! No. Dear god, no. We’re all just winging it! Even the most put together people on the planet are winging it. It’s ok that you’re just winging it too There are some weeks and months where I feel like everything is really ticking along smoothly and my family and I are in a good groove - life is ~~balanced~~. But more often than not, things are mad hectic and there is no juggling whatsoever! Like most people though, I do tend to operate better when I feel calm. Here are a few things that work for me:

  •  Waking up an hour earlier than everyone in my house so I take advantage of when I’m naturally most productive and can’t be interrupted.
  • Scheduling workout time into my week the way I would a meeting or special event.
  • Not checking my e-mail inbox during my most productive working hours - I reserve that time to get real work done, and head to my inbox only when my brain needs a little break.
  • Picking one thing to work on and dedicate an entire 50 minute session to getting that thing done. I take a break only after 50 minutes and I set a timer to make keep myself accountable.
  • Enabling screen time limits on my phone so that I am present with my family when we are together. But I should say that it’s really hard to do all of these things! Most days I do not have the luxury of being this organized or there are just too many curve balls thrown my way to stay on the program.

Were you always someone that cared for your skin?

I’ve always tried to care for my skin but I wasn’t always doing the right things for it. I had bad acne as a teenager and I definitely got suckered into using terrible products that sold nothing but false hope to vulnerable teenagers. I think it was really hard for my parents to watch me destroy my skin with St. Ives and Clean & Clear. After I went on Accutane, my skin was incredibly dry for years and I didn’t do much beyond a gentle cleanser and moisturizer. My mum put me on Miracle 10 in my 20s and it’s obviously the only thing I use now. My skin has never looked or felt this good. I also just love the ritual associated with applying skincare products. It makes me feel calm and grounded.

What are some values that you're hoping to instill in your daughters?

I want them to honour their feelings and trust their appetites. I don’t just mean their appetite for food but for all things in life: learning, risk, connection. (Food too though!). When we force kids to do things that feel wrong to them – i.e. eat everything on their plate when they say they’re full, hug someone they don’t want to hug, do something they’re not ready to do – we damage their emotional compass for navigating the world. We teach them to become suspicious of their feelings and to not trust themselves. I think this is super scary! Of course kids have to do stuff they don’t want to do all the time, but I’m trying to give them space to honour their feelings, rather than bottle them up.


How do you find stillness in the hustle and bustle that is your life?

I… don’t? Lol. This is definitely still a work in progress for me, but here is where I’m headed: I think you have to proactively carve out stillness for yourself and know that you deserve it. I think it’s really damaging to treat self care or time off as a transactional relationship; like it’s something that you need to earn in order to have or enjoy. Finding stillness, relaxing, doing things for yourself – these aren’t things you get in return for your hard work. They are things you require so that you can put the work in.

What’s the best, most universal booster anyone could and should add to their skincare routine right now?

Stem Cell Serum! Incredible for all skin types – helps to make the skin stronger, function more effectively, brighter, just better in every single way! Virtually zero contraindications. Couldn’t live without it.

What’s your current summer skincare routine? Any changes going from spring to summer?

Summer is a bit of a double edged sword for me. My skin is very dry so it always feels better in the summer, which is a win. I can ditch my Rich Moisture in lieu of Light Serum – which I love and don’t get to use enough of in the colder months. But I’m also super prone to hyperpigmentation. So I tend to scale back my use of retinol (which can make your skin more sensitive to the sun) and increase use of boosters like Mask, and Super C.

Would you rather have perfect skin but never wear makeup again or would you rather always be able to do the perfect makeup application (perfect and even eyeliner every. single. time) but always have the same pimple that never heals/goes away?

LOL. The contrarian in me needs to point out that there is noooo such thing as “perfect”! Perfection with beauty and skincare is never the goal, ever. But for the sake of having fun then I’d have to go with not wearing makeup again. I think one pimple that never heals would be both annoying and painful. I do love applying and wearing makeup, but you’ve caught me on a super lazy week

Would you rather go on the most beautiful island vacation but cannot use any SPF or never use your favourite Miracle 10 product ever again?

This is not a fair question! I refuse to answer it!


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