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Firm the Look of Your Face with Skincare

Firm the Look of Your Face with Skincare

We’ve all had that moment. You hop out of the shower and wipe the steam from the mirror, only to notice changes in volume or loss of suppleness of the skin staring back at you. Aging, as we all know, is a natural, individual experience. But one common change shared by many of us is the loss of firmness in our skin. Whether you’re just starting to notice a decrease of volume in your face or you’ve been wondering about key products for these changes for a while now, there are a number of ways to jumpstart your regime with skin-plumping ingredients.

Are you looking to add volume back to your cheeks? Certain ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, AHAs and peptides have been proven to plump and tighten the look of the skin leaving you with firmer appearance. Simply by incorporating specific high-quality ingredients into your routine, you can drastically improve the way your skin will continue to age. Firm skin has never been more attainable!

AHAs, Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides - Oh My!


AHAs or alpha hydroxy acids encompass a wide range of natural acids such as lactic acid and glycolic acid. These ingredients are proven to exfoliate away dead skin cells while stimulating the production of collagen and elastin in your face, vital for tighter looking skin. Try incorporating an AHA Gel once or twice a week to promote cell turnover and collagen production.

Hyaluronic Acid

Does your moisturizer work hard enough for you? If you’ve been noticing a deflated look to your cheeks, look for a product with hyaluronic acid. Said to hold up to a thousand times more water than its own weight, hyaluronic acid is widely known as the go-to ingredient to plump up your skin cells.


Peptides are essentially combinations of proteins of which are fundamental components of your skin’s make-up. Peptides in your skincare products work to stimulate the production of vital cell fragments giving your skin a fuller look. Consider using Firm, a peptide-pumped cream that works best for normal/maturing and sensitive/dry skin types. For an even more effective option, products in the Platinum Collection contain our proprietary ingredient, EMC 10ル, a peptide combination specifically engineered to target thinning, lax skin.

BONUS: Facial Exercises

Did you know certain exercises can activate your facial muscles in your cheeks, jaw and neck to tighten the underlying muscles and potentially improve collagen production? Think yoga but for your face! As you age, the fat deposits in your face slims away and can sometimes leave you with a deflated appearance. By doing facial yoga everyday, you can help tighten the underlying muscle and improve its firmness. After your morning skincare routine, practice facial yoga for 30 minutes as you’re getting ready for the day. By bulking up these deflated muscles, your face will appear plumper with a more youthful glow.


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