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Face Skincare vs. Body Skincare: What’s the Difference?

Face Skincare vs. Body Skincare: What’s the Difference?

As our body’s largest organ, our skin varies from head to toe. From thickness to pore size, the skin on our face has a different set of needs than that on our body. It only makes sense that our skincare regime needs to adapt in order to tackle different areas of skin.

We are exposed to toxins and toxic chemicals every day. It is in the air we breathe, the surfaces we touchラeven in poorly-made skin care products! Our skin’s main purpose is to act as a barrier, blocking out whatever doesn’t belong, but also as a membrane, allowing important elements to pass through as needed.

Ever wonder why our body scrub isn’t recommended for our face? Or why we purchase a separate facial cream than body lotion? Why aren’t there one-size-fits-all skincare products for our face and body? There are four differentiating characteristics that set facial skin and body skin apart: cell size, thickness, the amount of hair follicles and the number of oil glands.

What’s the Difference?

  1. The skin on our face is made up of much smaller cells than that on our body. This makes it more difficult for chemicals to be absorbed since the barrier is tightly compact.

  2. Since our face is home to the thinnest layer of skin, it also becomes the most visible area for aging. Our face needs to be treated with care so as not to cause any unnecessary damage.

  3. Did you know the oil or sebum produced on our face has antimicrobial properties that help heal the skin? Over washing your face or using the wrong products can strip your skin of sebum, which is oil that is produced to protect and lubricate the skin throughout the day.

  4. Lastly, although incredibly fine, our face has more hair follicles than on the rest of our body. Throughout the day, sweat, bacteria and sebum can mix together and increase the chances of clogged pores if not cleansed properly and regularly.

What You Need in Your Body Skincare Regime

You’re doing a fabulous job caring for your face but are you neglecting the rest of your body? Maintaining a great skincare regime for both your face and body is incredibly important for overall healthy looking skin. Look to expand your skincare ritual to include body products formulated to lock in moisture and boost its glow. Infused with Oils of Geranium and Aloe Vera, our Body Cleanser provides the hydration your skin craves along with anti-oxidant benefits to revitalize and soften its texture. Caring for every nook and cranny of your body’s skin has never been easier with the help of hyaluronic-acid. Using a body lotion that softens and soothes, like our Body Silk Lotion, will protect your skin against environmental agitations.

It’s time we start caring for every inch of our skin!


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