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Discover Our Botanical Oil: A Skin Elixir for All Skin Types

Discover Our Botanical Oil: A Skin Elixir for All Skin Types

Coming out with new products is always exciting, but the launch of our Botanical Oil feels especially so. It was a labour of love in the truest sense: borne of the partnership between Miracle 10’s founder Ann Marie, our long-term Miracle 10 customers, and our devoted staff. It has taken years to cultivate and refine, undergoing multiple permutations along the way. Today it is finally here, in all it’s liquid gold glory, and we couldn’t be happier with it.

Essential oils have always played a big role in Miracle 10 products. We use a diverse array of oils for their skin aiding properties, and since Miracle 10 doesn’t use fragrances, oils have the added benefit of imparting a beautiful, natural scent to our products. But this is the first time we’ve come out with a product that is entirely oil based. Botanical Oil is considered a dry oil, meaning it doesn’t leave the skin slick or with a thick residue after application. In other words, it’s not like slathering olive oil on your face. This oil has a light-weight, barely there feel, but you know it’s packing a powerfully hydrating punch.

And it’s not just hydrating. Ann Marie wanted to ensure that everyone could benefit from this oil, even acne-prone skin types. She made sure it’s non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog pores (check!), and that it would fight inflammation and excess bacteria production (also check!). Its 12 flower, seed and plant extracts also brighten the skin’s appearance, reverse the signs of aging, fade the look of brown spots. It is truly a vitamin elixir.

'I always loved the idea of natural oils in skincare," says Ann Marie. "70%, maybe more of my daily calories come from oils, they are just so rich in goodness! If oils are so good for my body then they must be great for my skin. And thanks to the research, we know that to be true. I love the idea of bringing this old school beauty secret back into everyday life," continues Ann Marie.

We’re so excited for you to try it! Tell us all about your experience on Instagram:@miracle10skincare

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