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Dehydrated Skin SOS

Dehydrated Skin SOS
Dehydration is an all too common skin concern and yet it happens to be one that isn't always the easiest to spot. Oftentimes, we hear dehydrated skin and dry skin used incorrectly or in place of one another, when they're actually two very different things in the skincare world. We're here to set the record straight. Dehydrated skin and dry skin are not the same. Take a moment for that to sink in (no pun intended). There is a key difference between the two: Dry skin is a skin type while dehydrated skin is a condition of the skin. So, how exactly can you determine between the two? Let's dive a little deeper.

Dry Skin & Skin Types

First, it helps to determine what skin type you naturally have. For those of you with dry skin, you're most likely low in oil production and lacking the necessary moisture that sebum (oil) provides our oily-combo friends. You tend to deal with a constant tightness of the skin. It could be in the dead of winter or the middle of the summer and your oil product rarely fluctuates. You may also deal with flaky, dry skin that is often accompanied by itchiness. This is particularly present around the eyebrows and near the corners of your nose.

Curious as to what products you should be using for your dry skin type? We have a whole skincare collection specifically designed for you.

Dehydrated Skin

Now that you know what dry skin tends to look like, how can you identify if you have dehydrated skin? When it comes down to it, dehydrated skin ultimately lacks water. It can get a little confusing when trying to pinpoint dehydration symptoms but some of the more noticeable signs include dullness, congestion in the skin, as well as pronounced signs of ageing. A very common trait of this condition also includes the feeling of tight skin while also combined with an unusual amount of sebum production. Most importantly, dehydrated skin doesn't discriminate between dry, delicate, acne-prone, or oily skin types. You read that correctly. You can have a combination of any skin type and be dehydration.

Have you heard of the pinch test? While it's not an official tool to determine dehydration, it may provide an insight into the state of your skin. Here's how it works:
  1. Gently pinch the back of your hand and/or cheek and hold it for a few seconds.
  2. If it bounces back to its original shape, chances are you are not dehydrated.
  3. If it takes a moment to settle, you could be dealing with some dehydration.

How To Treat Dehydration

So, how exactly do we treat this dehydrated skin condition? It's actually quite simple: pump up the hydration with water-loving ingredients. You want to use formulas that are infused with humectants, which are ingredients that attract and absorb water. An example of a humectant is our beloved, hyaluronic acid and its incredible ability to retain up to 1000x its weight in water for intense hydration.

Did you know your skin loses water while you sleep? It's a process called transepidermal water loss and it happens to everyone. The water present on your skin naturally evaporates into the environment and is particularly detected at night, while catching some zzz's. Locking in as much hydration as possible during your nighttime routine is crucial in preventing less transepidermal water loss from happening. 

Select a moisturizer that works best for your skin type. If you're someone with acne-prone skin, you may want to use Veil. Normal types would greatly benefit from Night, while our delicate and dry skin types will love Moisture. When dealing with dehydrated skin, you always want to apply a moisturizer at night, especially if it's infused with hyaluronic acid like Rich Moisture.
Lastly, consider adding a booster to your tried and true skincare routine, like Botanical Oil and Rejuvenating Mist. More times than not, our skin lacks the capability of holding on to hydration, which is why it's important to add boosters like Botanical Oil to amp up hydration levels. Our golden elixir is perfect for all skin types, dries down matte while also locking in all the hydration your skin craves. We love adding a few drops to our hands and pressing them into the skin as the final step in our routine. 

And for those of you looking for a little extra hydration throughout the day, trust us when we say Rejuvenating Mist is your holy grail product. It has calming agents like aloe vera and allantoin to hydrate, nourish and heal irritated skin. Talk about hydration in a bottle:wink:

Remember, consistency is key and be patient with yourself. Reaching your skincare goals takes time. To all of our dehydrated readers, drink your water, focus on implementing more hydration and you'll be glowing in no time.


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