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Debunking Men's Skincare Myths

Debunking Men's Skincare Myths

It feels like in 2022, we really shouldn’t have to be making the case for a healthy skincare routine for the men in our lives. And yet, so many times we’ll look at our dads, brothers, friends and partners, and silently ponder... You don’t seriously think that bar of Irish Spring is actually good for the skin on your face, right? To be fair, we’re not generalizing here (and no hate to Irish Spring). We know there are men out there who are even more meticulous about their self-care routine than most—And we know who some of you are! But there’s still plenty of work to be done to get more men into the healthy-skin corner and to stop the spread of some of these crazy and divisive skincare myths.

Skincare and Self-care are only for women

Last time we checked, we're all human here and we all could do with a little TLC. Whether your self-care routine involves the skin, the body or the mind; the kinder and gentler you are to yourself, the more that translates to your relationship with others. If you’re a man who'd really like to try a facial, treat yourself to a pedicure or go for a massage—Do it. You deserve it as much as anyone else does! Why deprive yourself of those small relaxing pleasures in life.

Now that that's out of the way, let's get back to skincare. Keep in mind that the skin is the largest organ that covers everyone's entire body—Not just female bodies. It's our primary physical form of protection and we want to make sure it's protected, too. By following a simple yet targeted skincare regimen, like our M10 for Men Collection, you're ensuring your skin stays nourished and healthy for years to come.

Soap will do

Alright, let's set the record straight and finally debunk the fake news once and for all. Your average soap bar is not doing you any favours—Here's the science behind it: The pH levels in generic soap are much higher than the natural pH levels in your skin. What this means is that it'll basically suck the moisture straight out of your skin, leading to all kinds of unwanted skin issues from inflamed and aggravated texture to acne breakouts. Not to mention the bacteria a soap bar can harbour raises all sorts of concerns. Allow us to paint you a picture: You'll use it to wash your hands, perhaps in the shower to wash the rest of your body, and leave it on a ledge in a humid bathroom surrounded in still water... It's a perfect breeding ground to collect and grow even more bacteria! Don't do it.

When it comes to your face, a gentle cleanser for your skin type is really the only way to give your skin what it needs. We've made it an effortless shopping experience with our M10 for Men Wash. Its antioxidant-rich formulation was designed to deeply cleanse the pores without over-stripping your skin. It's even great for those with facial hair as it's proven to soften the follicle in preparation for shaving—Double whammy!

The more the better

Some men seem to be deterred from creating a good skincare routine because they are under the assumption it'll require a lot of time and money. As if it's either a full 10-step routine or nothing at all. On the other side of the spectrum, some believe the more products they use the better. But here’s the thing, the one-size-fits-all skincare routine doesn't exist. If you want simple, you can effectively hydrate and take care of your skin with just a few products. If you want comprehensive, you can skillfully create a multi-step pampering routine to cover all of your basis.

Regardless of where you lie on the scale, any effort is better than none. And here's a little skincare secret—You need only so little of the product to see results. No, you don't need to apply globs of your M10 for Men Hydrate or use up half your cleanser bottle for a healthy complexion. A nickel-sized amount is plenty for a good cleanse and to moisturize your skin.

You don’t need sunscreen on a cloudy day 

We are major SPF devotees over here and the truth is, you should be, too. No matter your gender, age, skin tone or type; sun protection is vital for healthy skin. That means you'll pretty much need sunscreen on any exposed areas of your skin when outside or near windows. Sure, the obvious areas include your face and arms but put in the effort to cover the back of your neck and head (for those of you rocking more scalp than hair, you can thank us later). UV rays can still penetrate on a cloudy day, doing all kinds of damage to the skin, from drying it out to pre-maturely aging it, as well as causing sunspots and skin cancer. Stay safe and wear that sunscreen!

We've recently launched our Sunscreen Lotion SPF 45, a formulation that deeply hydrates the skin with a higher UV protection. The best part of it all, it's suitable for all skin types and tones and effortlessly goes on without leaving a white cast.

Skincare doesn't have to be complicated and that's why our M10 for Men Collection makes a perfect gift or an easy investment without overthinking it.


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