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Bye Bye Body Acne

Bye Bye Body Acne

Struggling with "bacne"? We know the feeling. Those of us who may be dealing with facial acne know how frustrating pesky whiteheads and pimples can be. We'll do anything to find a way to heal those breakouts and prevent any further ones from popping up. But why is it that we completely forget all of our skincare knowledge the second we need to treat spots on our chest, back or bum? Perhaps it's because the acne on our face is more accessible to treat than the breakouts on our body... Whatever the reason, know that we're here to help. Having body acne is a common struggle and the good news is that there are ways to treat it. After all, we know how hard you work to keep your face glowing, it's only fair we get the skin on your body to look and feel just as good! So, we did some research and here is everything you need to know about body acne.

What's Causing Your Body Acne?

First and foremost, we must dig deeper to understand why your body is developing these breakouts. From stress and environmental factors to genetics and potentially poor hygiene habits, there can be myriad reasons as to what is causing your acne. Are you taking the time to shower after a workout? Body acne typically occurs when excess sebum, sweat and bacteria are trapped within the follicles or pores thus causing inflammation. If working out is part of your routine, make sure to thoroughly cleanse the body after a sweat session.

Take a moment to analyze where your acne is appearing. Suffering from back acne? This may be due to the influx of your hormones during your menstrual cycle. Noticing acne near your bum? This could be caused by wearing tight, restrictive clothing that may be irritating to the skin. Did you know that the products you use in and out of the shower could also be the cause of your acne? Not rinsing the shampoo and conditioner thoroughly enough from your body or using a moisturizer with pore-clogging ingredients could lead to pesky bumps. We'd recommend avoiding products with sulphates and silicones and when in the shower, consider washing your body after shampooing/conditioning your hair.

How To Treat Your Body Acne

Having a go-to body routine is just as important as having a facial routine. It's time to show our body a little extra loving, don't you think? Here are a few extra tweaks to help minimize your chances of a breakout.

  • Step One: After cleansing and conditioning your hair, lather Body Cleanser all over your skin. This moisturizing body wash is infused with salicylic acid and malachite extract to help deliver antioxidants to the skin while working to prevent new breakouts from forming.
  • Step Two: Exfoliation is crucial, especially if you are acne-prone! It may be a no-brainer, but forgetting to exfoliate your body is more common than you think. The trick, just like with the skin on your face, is to not over or under exfoliate. Make it a habit to use Polish once a week to gently exfoliate any dead skin buildup. With lactic acid and natural wax beads, our formula is proven to safely slough off debris from your skin's surface.
  • Step Three: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! After stepping out of the shower, apply Body Silk to damp skin to seriously boost hydration. Silk contains 2% niacinamide, caffeine and squalane to not only hydrate your skin but to lock it in all day long. We love this product just about everywhere below the neck, and it's safe for all skin types.

Bonus Tip

Cellulite is natural - we all have it! But to help improve the overall health and quality of the skin, you'll want to boost micro-circulation by adding Body Therapy into your routine. Therapy improves the look of uneven, dimpled, and loose skin thanks to these key ingredients: Theophyllisilane c, caffeine, and lanachrys. Give it a try and let us know what your think!


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