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Breaking Beauty Barriers

Breaking Beauty Barriers

Joe Jonas gets injectables. Have the gender normative barriers that have shaped our society for generations finally crumbled?? Okay, we'll chill on the explosive tone of voice, but as a millennial stepping into a prime number, hearing about her childhood celeb crush admitting to undergoing aesthetic treatments is exactly what I needed.

The thing is, our team at Miracle 10 along with the incredible staff at MD Beauty Clinic and The Plastic Surgery Clinic have welcomed and had the pleasure to treat a variety of people, regardless of the gender they identify with. To play a part in enhancing your natural beauty and unleashing your inner confidence is something we're very honoured and prideful of—your gender is the least important thing about you. And to believe that in doing such treatments lessens your value (male, female or non-binary) is just so 2019.

Our Glow Getters understand this, and if you've been with us for a long time then you already know that our products are suitable for a variety of skin types, tones and genders. And because our products are fluid for all, hearing about the latest gossip on which male celeb wore a skirt to a red carpet, or rocked a glam beat when hitting-up In'N Out doesn't exactly surprise us but excites us. To those headlines we don't ask, "how come?" but, "why not?"

So, thank you Joe, for publicly admitting your love for injectables. We're certain you're not the only one (or brother) visiting the clinics, and why not? What do you think about male celebrities breaking down beauty barriers and embracing aesthetic practices? Does this empower you to do the same? Let us know in the comments below!

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