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Benefits of Face Lift

Benefits of Face Lift

Everyone’s skin ages according to its own timeline, depending on what environmental factors you were exposed to, your skincare regime, and of course, your genetics. But all skin typically follows the same general trend.

In your 20s, anti-oxidant production begins to decline (that’s why it’s important to incorporate Super C and other anti-oxidant containing products into your regime at this age). In your 30s, the skin’s collagen production and regenerative capabilities start to slow. In your 40s, its cell renewal processes become interrupted. In your 50s, barrier function declines, which comes with a whole host of side effects, and in your 60s, all of these things accelerate. This isn’t meant to sound alarmist or grim; it’s just nature doing its thing. Luckily there are key products for every stage. And what we want to talk about today is Platinum Face Lift.

This product is typically reserved for someone in their late 40s and beyond (but could be later or earlier, depending on your skin condition). We’ve rounded up the top three benefits of using Face Lift; if they sound like what you are looking to achieve, try giving Face Lift a go and let us know how much you love it (oh, because we know you will).

1. Improved barrier function. As we age our skin stops performing this crucial task as well as it once did. It starts letting things in and out that it shouldn’t (pollutants and other gunk start getting in and water content and essential vitamins start getting out). This can cause other important skin processes to be affected and can leave the skin super dehydrated and dull. Wrinkles and fine lines may start to appear.

2. Increased firmness and plumpness to the skin. There’s a reason we call it Face Lift.

3. The product’s proprietary peptide complex, EMC10, together with the powerhouse ingredient Ginseng Extract work to promote healthy and youthful looking skin that glows from the inside out.


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