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Are You Washing Your Face Wrong?

Are You Washing Your Face Wrong?

Whether you're new to our skincare worldwelcome!or a longtime glow getter, it is always great to refresh your knowledge and review the basics.

Cleansing your face is the foremost step toward a healthier complexion and chances are, you may have allowed a few unfavourable habits to slide. Doesn't sound like a biggie but these minor inconveniences could end up disrupting all of your hard work and may even be the culprit behind textural irregularities, acne and dullness.

So, to ensure your skincare routine (and money) will actually go the distance, you'll need your cleansing game to be on point. And no, there are no additional steps or tools required. By making a few key adjustments, you'll be waking up to a brighter complexion by the end of the week. Let's get to work...

Contact time Is key.

Slow down! The faster you wash off your cleanser, the less of a chance it has to make an impact on your complexion. The term contact time is used to refer to the amount of time a product sits on the skin before removing it. Some sources say 30 seconds is enough time for a face wash but we think that's a little too quick to gain any additional benefits, especially if you're combating acne. So, work your fave face wash, ours is Cleanser II, into your skin for 1-2 mins before gently washing away with lukewarm water or a damp washcloth.

It's getting (too) hot in here...

If any skincare source or self-proclaimed expert advises you to use hot water to wash your face, that's a big red flag 🚩 Using scorching temps will not only strip your skin of its natural oils but also cause a lot of irritation and discomfort, further leading your skin to dry out and flake. You're causing unnecessary work for your skincare to work overtime! 

On the flip side, using a freezing temp also has its disadvantages. Since cold water is known to help tighten the pore, using it when washing your face would inhibit the removal of bacteria that's trapped within the pores of your skin. And we all know what follows a pore with trapped bacteria = acne... This is why it's always recommended to use a lukewarm temperature. It's warm enough to open the pore but gentle enough to keep your natural oils intact. If you'd like to splash your face with a shot of cold water to tighten up your pores, do so after cleansing.

When in doubt, cleanse again.

We might be ageing ourselves here, but think back to Prom night or the last time you seriously went-to-town with gel and hairspray. One round of shampoo never did the job, so you'd follow up with a secondary wash to get rid of all the build-up out of your hair. The same can apply to your complexion, especially if you're a makeup wearer and/or diligent sunscreen applier. But no, you don't need to hit the pharmacy for an oil-based cleanser to achieve the perfect double cleanse. You make up the rules.

For some, a double cleanse includes an initial removal of makeup using micellar water or a cleansing balm, followed by their designated "face wash." For many others, a double cleanse using their face wash twice does the job. This is especially true for those with oily or acne-prone tendencies.

If you're someone with a more delicate or dry complexion, we'd say skip the double cleanse and focus on massaging your cleanser into your skin a little longer than usual (see Tip 1) to help break down any makeup, dirt, and dead skin cells.

Ann's Hot Take: Ready to up your cleansing and exfoliation routine? President Ann Marie suggests lightly massaging Enzyme onto dry skin first for about 30 seconds. Then, dampen your hands and press into the skin to wet your face. Follow that with a gentle face wash, like Cleanser I, and massage everything all together for another 30-60 seconds. Finally, wash everything off with lukewarm water and give your skin a feel... Checkout how much more smoother and brighter your skin will be. Let's just say this is Ann's version of the ultimate double cleanse. 


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