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Are Dark Circles the New Beauty Trend?

Are Dark Circles the New Beauty Trend?

Recreating Dark Circles As The New Beauty Trend

Have you seen this? People on TikTok and Instagram are recreating dark circles as an *actual* makeup look. As if 2021 wasn't hitting us hard, already! The facts are there and with every passing day, more and more users take to some form of social media for a daily escape and dose of dopamine. From fashion to food, nothing is off-limits and inspiration can be found everywhere.

The newest trend? Young TikTokers, who naturally have minimal to no dark circles, are adding a smudge of hue under their eyes to give off the "exhaustion" look. Honestly, who would’ve thought this would be a look someone would want to recreate? If this trend was in when going into the office and shopping in-stores was still a thing, you bet we would have forgone concealer a long time ago. 

Despite dark circles being one of the most common struggles amongst men and women, there has been some interesting backlash to this trend. Let's back up - It all started when Sarah Carstens, a young Tiktok influencer (with millions of followers), posted a quick GRWM (Get ready with me). Using her eyeshadow palette, she added a contrasting hue under her eyes to accentuate her dark circles. Carstens explained that she wanted to show her audience that under-eye bags and dark circles are completely normal. Her thinking? If she showcased them more often, perhaps more followers with the same concern could better relate. 

While we could appreciate the intent, her approach to normalizing dark circles was unexpected, to say the least, and the response was not in her favour. Sarah's video saw over 6 million views and followers in the comments were noloving it but the damage was done, so to speak, and this quickly became a new makeup trend across the platform. 

We take under-eye care very seriously and we're all here for normalizing what our skin truly looks like on social media. That being said, the cause of dark circles and bagginess could be due to many factors such as genetics, fatigue and stress - all personal and touchy subject matters that we are all dealing with at this point in the pandemic fight. No one needs to be reminded that we need to decrease our stress levels by someone who has virtually no under-eye concerns. Rant over. 

Now, if you are struggling with dark circles, we hear you and whether or not you wish to cover them up is completely up to you. That being said, we do know a few tips to help reduce their appearance:
    1. Sleep is important and obviously easier said than done. Getting your 8 hours will help to regulate your body's circulation and is the simplest way to see a dramatic improvement.


    1. Hydration is key. We offer two eye creams to help all skin types improve the area under their eyes. Eye Treatment is one of our faves because it refines, moisturizes and brightens the appearance of the eyes while reversing and preventing the signs of ageing.


  1. Be gentle with your skin. The area near and around your eyes are some of the thinnest and requires a gentle touch. Harsh motions like excessive eye-rubbing have also been linked to early signs of ageing


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