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Ann's Skincare Faves

Ann's Skincare Faves
Everyone's face deals with winter woes. Dry, flaky skin? Check. Rough, uneven texture? You betcha. Even our age-defying founder and president, Ann Marie, faces the same struggles during these colder months. That's why we sat down with her to ask her some serious questions.

We're talking about the major skincare favourites she couldn't live without. Ann's top picks will not only help you navigate through the rest of the winter but will boost your current skincare regimen all-year-long.

Q: Alright Ann, be honest with us. Do you ever scrape the tiniest remnants of product left in a container? Tell us we're not the only ones with desperate skincare moments.

Ann: You know it’s so funny because just the other day I was desperate for one last use of my Platinum Eye Lift. I was trying my best to get every last bit out of the jar because I knew if I skipped this treatment, the delicate skin under my eyes would feel dry and tight all day long. I seriously cannot live without it! And I would NEVER waste product... it's too amazing! I use every last ounce. 

Q: If you could go back in time and give younger you one skincare product, the holy grail of skincare, which would it be?

Ann: Oh this is a good one. Well, I'd have to say that I would give Botanical Oil to stubborn, young me, especially during my early 20s. It's a light-weight oil that has anti-ageing benefits and when you put it on, it just makes your skin look super healthy. Even now, every morning when I wake up and cleanse my skin, I put on Botanical Oil right away. It's perfect for battling winter skin and gives me this lit-from-within glow that I love.

Oh, and I'd definitely give myself a bottle of our SPF 30. Sunscreen protection is one of the most 
critical skin care ingredients to prevent against damaging effects of the sun. I would pair those two products together to keep my skin looking younger, longer. 

Q: So, Ann, you're stranded on a deserted island when you notice a skincare product floating ashore. As you're running toward it, you're praying it's which product? 

Ann: It would have to be my indispensable Platinum Night Repair, hands down. I absolutely love this product and I adore every single ingredient in this jar. It's the most comprehensive product available with 2 stem cells infused together to fight environmental and sun damage (amongst so many other benefits). I can honestly say it hydrates and firms my skin overnight. A miracle worker, for sure.

It's especially great on those nights when I'm just too exhausted after running around with my grand-kids all day to follow my full skincare routine (which happens more often nowadays!). After cleansing my skin, Night Repair is so good that I can use it all on its own and go straight to bed. It's seriously that good. 


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