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5 Hydrating Tips for Your Skin

5 Hydrating Tips for Your Skin

You might wonder if there is a difference between dry and dehydrated skin and whether hydrating and moisturizing your skin are one and the same. The truth is they’re actually a bit different, and whether you have dry or dehydrated skin will somewhat determine the steps you take to keep your skin feeling smooth and plump.

The moisture content of the skin depends on two things: oil content, and water content. Dry skin is skin that lacks oil (known as sebum), and it’s typically genetic or caused by hormonal changes (medications, too, can have an effect on your sebum production). Dehydrated skin is skin that lacks water. That’s why individuals with acne-prone skin can also suffer from the dehydration. They have lots of sebum production, but not enough water content in the skin. In fact, it’s the dehydration that can actually make breakouts worse: flaking skin can clog overzealous, sebum producing pores. If the sebum can’t drain, inflammation and what we know as a モpimpleヤ occurs.

So, how do we treat dry and dehydrated skin differently?

Whether you suffer from dry or dehydrated skin will determine which kind of moisturizer you should use: One that contains more occlusives (ingredients that provide oil to the skin and help to slow the evaporation from its lower levels) and humectants (ingredients that draw moisture from the lower levels of the skin to the upper levels). If you have dehydrated skin, you want to look for moisturizers that contain more humectants (glycerin, AHA’s, Witch Hazel, Collagen, Aloe Vera). If you have dry skin, you’ll want to look for products with more occlusives (silicone, allantoin, cocoa butter, any botanical oil extract). Occlusives will prevent water from evaporating from the lower levels of the skin.

So tip #1 is: get the right moisturizer for your skin.

The following tips apply for both dry and dehydrated skin and will make a big difference in anyone’s skin:

  • Install a humidifier in the room where you spend the most time (typically the bedroom) and use it all year long, even in the summer.

  • Protect your skin when out in the elements. Cold air and excessive sun exposure can both strip the skin of moisture. Wear your sunscreen and a hat in the summer and cover up exposed skin in the winter.

  • Keep a hydrating mist in your purse or travel bag to spritz throughout the day. Our Rejuvenating Mist is safe for all skin-types and great for both dry and dehydrated skin.

  • Avoid taking really hot showers and wash your face in lukewarm water only.


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