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"Literally, in 10 Hours I saw a visible difference in smoothness. I can’t say clarity is a hit for me because I did have a few breakouts (If you know of a magic overnight acne clearing product, let me know!). The smoothness was definitely there, I think its the combination of AHA gel I and Night that really did the trick for me."

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"I am not a big fan of a lot of clay masks because once it dries it feels like I have a thick layer of rock on my face which, to me, makes me feel uncomfortable. After applying Miracle 10’s “mask”, somehow it felt very comfortable, with a refreshing scent. "

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"I was extremely excited for the eye treatment. Once I started using it I immediately noticed a shift in the firmness and the appearance of my racoon eyes AKA dark circles diminished."

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"Accutane does mean clear skin but you need to keep your skin clean and healthy, every day. I’m going to begin my 2-month process with Miracle 10 Skincare. It’s supposed to show a difference after 10 hours, 10 days and 10 weeks."

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