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Under-Eye Insight

Under-Eye Insight
Have you ever come across the quote, "The bags under my eyes are designer"? As much as we'd love to channel that inner fierceness, we'd rather not have to deal with under-eye bags at all. That's why we're shining some insight on to why dark circles form and how you can combat them with some quality skincare products.

To begin, we need to understand that dark circles are totally normal and nearly every person on this earth experiences them. This is especially true as you age since the skin tissue surrounding and supporting your eyelid weakens, causing sagginess, hollowness and/or puffiness. Although the severity of these symptoms can definitely be attributed to your genetics (thanks, Dad), they can also stem from habitual factors like lack of sleep, water retention (too much salty food) and smoking. It's important to note that having dark circles is usually harmless and generally a cosmetic concern. However, your eyes and the surrounding area are very sensitive and if you experience any discomfort and/or pain, make sure to visit your doctor for medical attention.

Before we start adding to cart, there are a few habits you could work on at home to help alleviate these under-eye symptoms. First things first, get your beauty rest. Aiming for approximately 8 hours of sleep each night will not only regulate blood circulation (which in turn will depuff your under-eye area) but a good nights rest will also help with your skin's cell turnover rate for natural exfoliation. You may also want to keep tabs on your salt and alcohol consumption (she types while casually glugging wine). Beautiful, healthy skin begins from the inside out and too much of anything can throw your body out of sync. Just remember - everything in moderation! Last but certainly not least, the areas near and around your eyes are extremely delicate. Whenever you're about to touch your skin, be extra gentle with it. Harsh physical motions like rubbing, pulling and itching have been linked to a potential increase of early signs of ageing.

What Qualities to Look for in an Eye Cream

When on the hunt for the best eye cream suited for you, you'll really want to scrutinize the ingredients list. Keep an eye out (pun intended) for antioxidant-rich, high-quality products. After all, whatever you choose to buy will be applied to one of the most sensitive skin areas on your body. Depending on your skincare habits, consider having two eye creams in your arsenal, one for the AM and one for PM. 

A lighter formula would make for perfect for day-time use. Look for a product infused with antioxidants and botanicals to target discolouration and increase brightness. And for your evening regimen, that's when you'll want to bring out the richer and thicker eye cream to treat and soothe the skin after a long day of wear. While you sleep is when you'll want to make sure your skin is prepped with targeted anti-ageing treatments like our Eye Lift, infused with EMC 10. After using Eye Lift, the skin around eyes is proven to improve the thickness and plumpness of lines and wrinkles. 

Remember, you'll want to gently tap your eye cream into the skin, following the orbital bone and including the eyebrow zone. Try not to get the product too close to the eyelash line because it could get into your eye and cause irritation.


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