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Skincare for Two

Skincare for Two
Ahh, Valentine's Day. A whole 24 hrs dedicated to pampering the person most close to you (and honestly, that person is sometimes yourself and we're all about that #self-love). It's one of our favourite times of the year and although we love the glam that comes with the holiday spirit, sometimes there's nothing better than spending it at home with your one and only. 

Now, love is great and all but have you ever shared a tiny bathroom cabinet with your significant other? Nothing sounds more romantic than hearing your partner rant and rave about your overflowing skincare collection. What if we told you that you could double-up your skincare products by sharing (gasp) with your S.O.! Not only will you make space in your cabinet for more skincare products but you'll be gaining some significant face-time with your better half just in time for Valentine's Day. 

We've listed some of our top skincare picks for two - in the name of love, of course.

Eye Treatment

Regardless of your gender, the eye area is made up of some of the most delicate skin of your entire body.  So, if you and your partner are going to start sharing skincare products, begin with an eye treatment. Look for an anti-ageing formula that will target thinning, tired skin to moisturize and protect, especially during colder months. Plus, the neutral packaging of our Platinum Collection will look just as good in your cabinet is it does in a gym bag. Don't forget to teach them how to pat the product in *gently* with their ring finger. 

Shaving Cream

Sure, he may be letting his beard grow out, but let's face it, sometimes (especially in winter) your legs could give him a run for his money. Next time you're on the hunt for shaving cream, consider his M10 for Men's Shave. Its cooling and non-irritating formula provides immediate calming relief. Not to mention its rich lather gives you maximum glide and probably your closest shave yet. Using Men's Hydrate for your legs is our best-kept secret at the Miracle 10 office. And when he decides it's time to lose the beard, it will give him a comfortable shave without irritation for smoother skin.

Face Masks

This Valentine's Day, plan the ultimate at-home couples spa-night. Prep the evening with comfy robes, cold bubbly and yummy treats. Light some candles, throw on some relaxing music and put on your favourite face mask. Look for something refreshing, like our soothing clay Mask, which offers benefits for all skin types for men and women alike. You'll both love the cooling sensation and the chance to kick back and relax while treating some serious skin concerns like the appearance of dullness, fine lines, breakouts and more. Remember to pop on a few cucumbers over your eyelids to help reduce puffy, dark circles and you've just planned a fabulous date night for two.


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