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How We Grew Our Platinum Collection

How We Grew Our Platinum Collection

It’s no surprise to anyone that the Platinum Collection products are my absolute favourite skincare go-to’s. Luxurious, superbly effective and deeply hydrating, these products are everyday heroes in my skincare routine. When we launched the Platinum Collection some years ago, our dream was always to expand it to a stand alone collection of products for everyday use. And I am thrilled that we’ve finally made that dream a reality, with the addition of three new products to complete this collection perfectly: Platinum Cleanser, Stem Cell Serum and Renewal Complex.

If you are already using all of the products in our Platinum Collection, then you can easily integrate these three new additions into your regime. But what’s also great about these products is that each one can be used individually for wonderful skin boosting results. As is the case with all of our Platinum products, our newest additions all contain our patented peptide complex EMC10 (along with tons of other cutting edge ingredients).

Our Platinum Cleanser is a clear standout in the cleansing department. Formulated without sulphates, this gentle wash is perfect for a wide range of anti-aging concerns: It’s deeply moisturizing, designed to increase skin firmness, and intensely anti-oxidizing. One of the superstar ingredients of this product is Myramaze, an extract from the South African resurrection plant that has long been used in traditional medicine to treat skin wounds, irritations, burns and abrasions. Research has shown that this ingredient strengthens the skin barrier, revives the look of the skin, protects skin lipids from dehydration and improves texture.

Next up is the Platinum Stem Cell Serum. If I had to choose which product I was most excited about, this might be the winner (but don’t make me choose, I love them all!). Three plant stem cells compose this powerful anti-aging serum: Symphytum, derived from the comfrey plant root, Solar Vitisfrom, the rare red grape Gamay, and Alp Rose from the stem cells of alpine rose leaves. Together these ingredients maintain the self-renewal capacity of the skin’s stem cells while boosting cell turnover, improving the skin’s regenerative capacity, fighting photo-aging, increasing UV tolerance, restoring barrier function and imparting radiance and a smooth look to the skin. What more could you actually ask for?

Our third addition to the collection is Platinum Renewal Complex. This is a product that’s been in formulation for quite some time. I always wanted the Platinum Collection to contain an acid based exfoliant (similar to AHA Gel or Cream but for more advanced anti-aging), but it took some time to get it exactly right. And get it right we have! This leave-on, nighttime exfoliant contains three acids: 1) Glycolic acid to loosen and remove damaged skin cells 2) Salicyclic acid to prevent pores from clogging, improve skin thickness and boost collagen production and 3) Succinic acid to remove dry skin and improve hydration. Indica Flower Extract further exfoliates the skin allowing healthy, bright cells to refract light and glow, while Vitamin C and Niacinimide protect the skin against environment damage.

We couldn’t be more pleased with how these products have turned out. If you’re new to the Platinum Collection, I would suggest starting first with the Stem Cell Serum, but please feel free to visit or call us so that we can recommend the perfect regime for you and your needs. I hope you enjoy exploring these new products as much as I (and my skin!) have.


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