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Glow Getter Spotlight: Noreen Lista

Meet Noreen Lista, aka "Nannie" to many who know her. Mother to our medical advisor, Dr. Frank Lista and Grandmother to our Director of Communications, Elizabeth Lista. This O.G Glow Getter has seen a lot throughout the years but one thing has always remained true: In life, never be afraid to shine!

What’s your current skincare routine? Are you someone who likes to follow each skincare step every night? What are some of your favourite Miracle 10 products to use?

Many years ago I developed a severe skin reaction from a product I was using at the time in combination with some significant sun exposure during a trip to Florida. As a result, I've suffered from this increased sensitivity for many years which has made me very hesitant to use too many products. The only cleanser that has been gentle enough for me has been a goat’s milk-based soap bar that I use every day and night.

Since I’ve discovered Miracle 10, I am now dedicated to using SPF daily. After cleansing, I apply the Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 which both protects my skin from the sun as well as adds enough hydration for the day. In the evening after cleansing, I love using Light Serum - a hands-down favourite of mine. For the even more sensitive areas under my eyes, I love Miracle 10’s Platinum Eye Lift, which helps calm the skin and reduces puffiness.

Have you always cared for your skin? Was beauty and outer appearance something you valued throughout the years?

Most definitely. At an early age, I was always fascinated by fashion. I taught myself how to sew and later studied to be a couture seamstress! I specialized in wedding dresses. In fact, I made my own wedding dress at the age of 19 plus all 8 of my bridesmaids’ dresses. I've also sewed all of my daughters, daughters–in–law; as well as my granddaughter’s, wedding dresses over the years.  

Do you have any skincare hacks or tips that have upped your game?

The simpler the better. The importance of simply having a skincare routine every day will improve your skin health. It doesn’t have to be complicated – I wash my skin twice a day and apply a well-formulated moisturizer and sunscreen every morning. That's it! 

What’s currently in your bag? What can’t you leave the house with?

Lipstick, moisturizer, comb, hand sanitizer, phone, mask. Certainly can’t leave the house without my phone and mask!

What’s something that no one really knows about you?

I love to socialize. And because I love to chat, most of my family and friends don’t realize how much I actually keep to myself. I don’t want to burden others. So, I like to work quietly behind the scenes to accomplish what needs to be done.

What is something (be it a habit, a moral/value or ability) that you wanted to pass down and instill in your family?

Love! And the importance of showing your love for someone every day. Sometimes that's as simple as telling your family you love them. When I first became a grandmother, I was once again reminded of how babies and young children can teach you about unconditional love. It innate and naturally flows from them. Love is so important. 

Here at Miracle 10, we love to define a Glow Getter as someone who isn’t afraid to be their true, authentic self. In your words, what does it mean to be a Glow Getter?

What does it mean to be a Glow Getter? Being a Glow Getter is all about allowing your curiosity about the world and those who live in it to shine through. To never be afraid to reach out to someone and to recognize a need or problem and actively work to fulfil or solve it. That’s how I’ve always lived my life. Sure, it has been challenging at times... also exhilarating!


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