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Get Glowing With Skin Radiance

Get Glowing With Skin Radiance
Did you know one of the most popular searches on our website is how to achieve skin radiance? We get it - achieving the glow isn't always as easy as it looks. What exactly is skin radiance, and how can we make it a foolproof process for all of our readers?

Skin radiance is what we perceive as the natural glow of the skin – it’s responsible for creating that youthful, healthy look we're all trying to achieve. But radiance actually depends on skin structure, and the dull or radiant appearance of the skin is related to several complex interactions between light and your skin. This is referred to as surface and subsurface reflections.

In healthy, radiant-looking skin, the skin’s top outer layer – the epidermis – is composed of Keratinocyte cells that lie together tightly, overlapping one another. Essentially, there is no excess in dry, dead cells on the surface – allowing light to penetrate the skin and create a “glow”. In the sublayer (the dermis), healthy, glowing skin will contain an abundance of strong collagen and elastin proteins which act to diffuse light, making the skin appear radiant. 

Now, here comes the not-so-great part of skin radiance...losing it! Our skin can begin to lose its radiance because of environmental factors such as prolonged sun exposure, and a lack of exfoliation – but we've found that it tends to happen most dramatically between the ages of 35 and 50. In addition to those environmental contributors, losing that glow can also be the result of a slower rate of cellular renewal and a weakened skin barrier that maintains its hydration. In other words, losing radiance in your skin is a natural result of typical ageing (*sigh*).  

We know what you're thinking... "Please, Miracle 10, tell us that your skincare can help protect and regain our skin radiance!"  - You're in luck.

It’s super important to follow a high-quality skincare regimen that combines exfoliation along with products that can help to increase cellular renewal, strengthen the skin, produce more collagen and elastin and repair the skin’s moisture barrier. In our Are You Over-Exfoliating? blog post, we talked about how under-exfoliating is more common than overdoing it. Without sufficient exfoliation, you won’t be able to see that healthy, strong, glowing skin beneath the skin’s top layer. And, without those active treatments that strengthen the skin and boost firmness, the skin will not be able to reflect light (there also won’t be any beautiful, healthy skin to see!). 

You'll want to look for products containing natural exfoliants such as Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Glycolic Acid, and Salicylic Acid, as well as antioxidants and decongesting botanicals like Green Tea Extract, and Vitamins A, C and E. Hyaluronic Acid found in moisturizers protect and strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier. And always, always wear your Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30. This is one of your best defences against the development of future damage!

Another holy-grail tip to achieving the glow is layering in a skincare regime - we always recommend this! A Toner or Solution will be responsible for reducing hyper-pigmentation and sun damage, as well as exfoliating that dead top layer of skin. A well-formulated AHA Gel or Cream will help the skin produce more collagen – strengthening your cells and making the skin appear more taut. And a high-quality moisturizer will draw water to the skin cells, strengthen its natural moisture barrier, and protect against potential environmental damage. The end result? Healthy, beautiful and glowing skin.



Did you know that your lifestyle can directly affect your skin's health and glow? Avoid excessive alcohol and tobacco use which can slow the skin’s natural recovery systems. Exercise regularly and get enough sleep. Maintain a balanced nutritional diet. Finally, start using a comprehensive skincare system as soon as possible – this is important even for people who are in their 20s and 30s. 


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