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Easy Skincare for Men – 4 Tips to Follow

Easy Skincare for Men – 4 Tips to Follow

Beginning or sticking to a skincare routine can sometimes be daunting. We see this especially with male clients (sorry, don’t mean to generalize!) who feel they’ve gone this long without a routine so: What’s the point? To this we often respond: Well, it’s kind of like exercise. So often we mistake any kind of routine, whether that be a gym routine or a skincare routine as an all or nothing affair. The truth is, every little bit counts, and can absolutely add up to make a difference with the big picture. Small changes can slowly but surely deliver big rewards.

Incorporating these simple tips can impart a huge return on the overall look of your skin.

Tip 1: Cleanse with a high-quality cleanser containing some kind of exfoliating acid (glycolic or lactic are great ones). This will help to clear the skin of debris accumulated throughout the day as well as excess oil, dead skin cells and other gunk that’s making your skin look, meh. It’s also going to help with cell turnover ヨ making your skin look younger. If you’re super rushed in the morning, cleansing at night only is totally fine.

Tip 2: Incorporate an Eye Treatment. The signs of aging in men tend to show up first around the eyes. Using an Eye Treatment (once a day at the very least), will make a huge difference in the overall look of your skin. Your skin will appear brighter, more awake, and softer.

Tip 3: Get on a good shaving cream. A high-quality shaving cream should help to guard against the development of ingrown hairs and irritation caused by the shaving process. Avoid products containing fragrance, and opt for one that provides exfoliation as well as hydration (the former being more important in this situation!).

Tip 4. Wear your damn sunscreen. You need to start thinking about this product as your numero uno. It’s going to keep your skin looking awesome by guarding against the signs of photo-aging.

If and when you’re ready to take things up a notch, we’re here to help develop a custom regime for you. But for now, this should be plenty to make a really nice difference in the look of your skin.

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