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Boost Your Skin Radiance.

Boost Your Skin Radiance.

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When it comes to a skincare routine, there are particular products that are used regularly.

However, once or twice a week, it’s important to add several booster products into that routine.

Booster products are specifically formulated to increase the skin’s vitality and appearance with efficient and rapid results. These booster products contain ingredients that promote collagen production, reduce blemishes and pore size.

Booster products include:

*Vitamin C powder (Super C):

Vitamin C is able to reverse age-related damaged skin. It can combat sun spots, hyperpigmentation and evident discoloration on the skin. Due to its exfoliating properties and by stimulating collagen synthesis, it also helps to rid of dead skin cells and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In recent studies performed regarding the use of topical Vitamin C, it illustrated an immense decrease in wrinkles and a definite improvement in hydration of the skin over a 12 week time frame.


Scrubs are beneficial for surface exfoliation and polishing of the skin. There are many scrubs that contain different ingredients. It’s important to choose a scrub that contains natural based polishing beads to avoid irritation. The scrub can be used twice a week for softer and smoother skin. Scrubs can be used on all skin types with a few exceptions such as active acne with pustules. In those cases, only chemical peels should be performed to ensure maximum benefits.


Masks can contribute to the skin as a facial treatment in the comfort of your home with transforming results. One of the main ingredients that a mask should contain is kaolin. Kaolin is clay that is used in facial masks for the purpose of tightening the skin, drawing out oils and impurities, fighting acne and increasing circulation to reduce inflammation. Masks can also be anti-aging and contain collagen and elastin molecules miniature enough to penetrate into the skin. ᅠWith continuous use of a mask once or twice a week, the results can be witnessed within a month. The skin will have more clarity, diminished pore size, brightening, and reduction of redness.

To find out more about which booster products are most suitable for your skin type, please contact me directly: or call 416.928.2209

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