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The Platinum Bundle

A line of top skincare products, The Miracle 10 Platinum Collection delivers exceptional, high quality peptides, vitamins, botanicals, and emollients to maturing skin. Minimize the look of deep lines and wrinkles and restore your skin's radiance and healthy appearance with this proprietary, luxurious, anti-aging collection.

Cleanser is a sulfate-free cleanser that cleans the skin of debris, excess oil and makeup without stripping it of natural moisturizing factors. 2% salicylic acid, our patented peptide complex EMC10, and delicate-skin-loving properties such as grapefruit oil and jojoba esters increase skin firmness and decrease the look of inflammation.

Solution I is an active, skin-toning facial exfoliator with skin-brightening agents and oil minimizing properties. Skin will feel re-energized and appear more clear and even in tone.

Face Lift is Rich in nourishing vitamins and botanicals, moisturizing the skin while slowing and reversing the visible signs of aging. Our proprietary ingredient, EMC 10, is a peptide combination specifically engineered to target thinning, lax skin and stimulate production of vital, skin supporting elements like elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid.

Renewal Complex contains three different exfoliating acids, each with a different purpose: 1) glycolic acid to loosen and remove damaged and dead skin cells, 2) salicylic acid to allow skin cells to shed more quickly, prevent pores from clogging and to improve skin thickness and collagen production and 3) succinic acid to remove dry skin and improve skin hydration. Indica Flower Extract also helps to further exfoliate the skin, allowing healthy, bright cells to refract light and glow.

Night Repair is a premiere, luxury anti-aging treatment designed to erase the signs of aging while lifting, firming and restoring the look of the skin. It comes infused with EMC10, our exclusive Epidermal Matrix Complex, two plant stem cells, Lactic acid, and Retinol. This power-packed formula is engineered to target dehydrated, thinning and aging skin, and can be used after cleansing, all on its own; it’s that good.