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The "Mask-ne" Fighter

Wearing a mask daily is one of the best things to do to limit the spread of COVID19, but all of this mask-wearing can sadly cause a host of skin issues like irritation, sensitivity and breakouts, especially if you have to wear your mask for a large chunk of the day.

We've put together this bundle of three products that will rescue your skin from dreaded
"mask-ne" - here's how to use it and how to treat your skin. 

• Use Botanical Oil Concentrate in the evenings to help hydrate and boost your skin with key vitamins, anti-oxidants and botanicals that will nourish and heal the look of the skin while combatting breakouts.

• Reduce or eliminate the use of retinols and AHAs for the time-being - while these are some of our favourite products to use and recommend, we don’t want your skin turning over too quickly or adding anything too aggressive if you have nicks, cuts or open wounds.

• If you have the opportunity throughout the day, remove your mask and spritz yourself with Rejuvenating Mist - ingredients like Aloe will soothe your skin and Allantoin will minimize irritation and redness.

• Finally, do a Mask treatment at least once per week to soothe and nourish the look of the skin while refining pores and diminishing the appearance of broken capillaries, acne, and redness.