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Men's Collection

Soap isn't doing your face any favours. Experience maximum skincare with M10 for Men. Our ultimate skincare for men keeps things simple, yet highly effective, and delivers crucial vitamins, minerals, botanicals and hydration to the skin. It delivers noticeable results, improving tone, texture, and clarity, within just 10 hours.

Wash is a foaming, antioxidant-rich, hydrating cleanser with exfoliating properties, designed to deeply cleanse the pores, removing oil and skin debris. The formulation of our face wash for men softens the beard in preparation for shaving and leaves skin supple and primed for subsequent treatment steps.

Tone is a calming and clarifying solution, rich in nutrients and botanical extracts that leave the skin feeling fresh and hydrated. Aloe and Witch Hazel Extract sooth and moisturize sensitive skin, while Chamomile Extract works to clear unwanted bacteria and oils without irritation or inflammation. Menthol cools the skin and soothes any razor burn that might occur from shaving.

Hydrate is a lightweight men's moisturizer rich in vitamins and nutrients that help stimulate production of vital skin-supporting components. Formulated with Vitamins A, C, D and E, and exotic botanical extracts like Ginseng, Hydrate will not only make your skin feel smoother and more moisturized, it will look healthier and brighter. Hydrate also contains Peptides; amino acids that are essential to healthy skin cell functioning, elastin and collagen production, and firmer looking skin.

Shave is an ultra-rich shave gel for men softens hair so the razor glides along the skin and doesn't drag. Shave holds more moisture to the beard, lifting hairs for a clean, comfortable shave.