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Get Glowing with Glow Rewards

Get Glowing with Glow Rewards
There's no better feeling than redeeming a Glow Reward and finally snagging that Platinum product you've been saving up for. Or better yet, earning even more Glow Points after cashing out. That's why we love giving away points, Glow Points that is, to all of our online shoppers. And thankfully, joining our Glow Rewards Program has literally never been easier. So start filling up your wishlist because the more you shop, the more you glow✨

Have you registered for a Miracle 10 Account? 500 Points for you! Reviewed your fave Miracle 10 product? Here are another 500 Glow Points and just like that, you've earned $5 off your next purchase. For every $1 spent, you're rewarded with 10 Glow Points. Not 0.5 of a point, not even 1 point but 10 Glow Points. Amazing, right? And the best part of it all is that you can spend your rewards on any of our skincare or makeup products🙌

Here's how it works:

1. Create a Miracle 10 Account
2. Shop online at
3. Earn 10 Glow Points for every dollar spent
4. Use one of your Glow Rewards on your next purchase

Told you it was easy!

Here's when you can redeem:

1000 Glow Rewards = $5 off next order
1500 Glow Rewards = $10 off next order
2500 Glow Rewards = $20 off next order

No catch, no gimmicks, no minimum spend. We just love rewarding our glow-getters simply for being a part of our family, no favouritism here🙅 Just make sure that you're logged into your account when checking-out and your Glow Points balance will automatically update right after your purchase. Learn more about ways you can earn points and how you can start saving with our Glow Rewards Program.

Treating yourself and others to amazing skincare just became a lot sweeter and with Mother's Day fast approaching, gifting some Miracle 10 goodies to the moms in your life has some major Glow Point perks💖

So what are you waiting for? It's time you get rewarded for taking such good care of your skin!🛍️

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