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Ann's Skincare Don'ts

Ann's Skincare Don'ts

Ever wonder what a skincare guru would never be caught dead doing? We sat down with our founder and president, Ann Marie, to see what skincare don'ts she swears by. Some of these tips are so easy, you may already be doing them and some will seriously surprise you. It's no wonder why Ann has such beautiful skin!

So, Ann, what are your top don'ts when it comes to skincare?

1. I would never leave the house without applying sunscreen – ever. This one may sound boring but I take skin health very seriously. Just ask the team at our head office! I apply Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 before I step out the door at all times. And even on a rare occasion that I do forget, I don't have to worry because keep an extra bottle at my desk for reapplications throughout the day.

2. This next don't is a 2-in-1. You'd never catch me going to bed without washing my face and taking off my mascara. Cleansing your skin after a long day is not only vital to skin health (think of all the makeup and dirt build up from the day) but I find it such a therapeutic evening ritual of mine. I love using Platinum CleanserIt's so gentle that it doesn't mess around with my pH balance. And since I never forget to wash my face, I never forget to remove my mascara either. I do it every night.

3. Another element of my evening regime that I could never forget to include is a treatment. Imagine going to bed for 8 (or so) hours and losing out on an opportunity to have super active ingredients put in overtime.  I'll always apply one or two of the following products before bed: RetinolRenewal ComplexSuper C or Night Repair. For those nights that I'm feeling especially exhausted, I always reach for Platinum Night Repair, right after cleansing my skin and go straight to bed. I know I can always rely on it to do its job - it really is a holy grail of mine.

4. My last don't, but certainly not the least important, is forgetting to apply an eye cream morning or night. This rings true especially in the evening during my PM routine. Even if I wanted to skip an eye treatment, I couldn't. I honestly wouldn't be able to sleep knowing that I missed this step! Right now, I'm loving Platinum Eye Lift to help soothe and hydrate my drier under-eye area.


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