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Let me start by saying that Miracle 10 is by far the best skin care that I have ever had the pleasure of using. I switched to Miracle 10 in 2010. I restocked my products a couple of times, yet for some reason in a silly attempt to save money or for convenience, I purchased at a local health store (even those Miracle 10 is worth every penny and is reasonably priced). Throughout 2012, I became progressively unhappy with my skin. I feared that this was the result of turning the big 3-0. In November of that year I made the commitment to purchase all the products that I needed. I went home that evening and began with my Enzyme and Mask, followed by Eye Treatment and Firm. I don’t know if it was simply wishful thinking but I immediately felt a change in the texture of my skin. When I woke up the next day, I was convinced that my skin had a hint of that “glow” back. It's been almost three weeks now and I couldn't be happier. Needless to say, I will not be making the mistake of using anything but Miracle 10 ever again. Thank you so much!

- Corrie L.

I wanted to let you know that I went for my peel and was very impressed. The service was so professional! I feel it made a difference to my skin too. I was also blown over by the fact that I did not get travel sized product! I was given three full sized products with my treatment. Now that really was a treat! Thank you so much!

- Colleen C.

I just wanted to thank you for the complimentary facial and Miracle 10 products. I love it and it really does work. I have been buying acne stuff and it never worked but Miracle 10 is amazing. Thank you so much…Dr Lista, for creating it.

- Anna L.

These products really do stand apart from any other product that I have ever tried!!! Every morning I wake up and run to the mirror, and I can actually see my skin transforming. With all my heart I am so appreciative that Dr. Lista has developed this revolutionary product!!!

- Carolina P.

I've been using the M10 Body Collection and lovin' it. I LOVE that the Miracle 10 Body Polish foams as well as scrubs…feels clean and has a great smell. My skin feels really smooth after. The Miracle 10 Body Silk is awesome. It goes on so smoothly, feels amazing, my skin is hydrated, and it has a] nice smell. I love the packaging.

- Stephanie J

During these winter months, I suffer from atopic dermatitis around my eye area. Red, raccoon-type rings are not glamorous; however, Miracle 10 Eye Treatment works miracles in soothing and preventing any further irritation in this area.

- Donna C.

Miracle 10 'FIRM' cream really is a miracle! Especially when I use it on the skin on my chest and neck! The eye cream is 'addictive'. When I use another product the tender skin around my eyes becomes very unhappy!

- Beth M.

First, what a great product this is. Having a 'set' of products is one reason why I enjoy using Miracle 10. It encompasses all the products men need to have great skin. The Miracle 10 Scrub and Wash is gentle enough to be used in the shower after a run or workout. The Miracle 10 Shave coupled with the Toner is quite superior to anything I have ever used previously. The shaving cream makes for a close shave with less ingrown hairs, followed by the toning gel that leaves the skin feeling cool and refreshed. Thank you Miracle 10!

- Sean C.

After beginning this new skin care regime my skin has never looked or felt better! It completely evened out my skin tone, reduced pore size, and created an overall healthier glow to my face. I'm really picky when it comes to my skin care routine and this line really has proved itself for me. I also love that it's packed with natural ingredients so I don't feel bad about what I'm putting on my face. I also don't run to put on my foundation anymore because I'm now enjoying my skin's more natural appearance. THANK YOU MIRACLE 10! Fabulous line---it has my full recommendation!

- Erica G.

I can't live without the AHA Gel and the Veil...I've had bad skin my entire life. It was so frustrating as a woman in my mid-20s starting a career as a trial lawyer with bad skin. Confidence is everything. Now, even if I am stressed and/or working long hours, my skin still looks great. Miracle 10 is the best. I don't wear any foundation or concealer on my face. Miracle 10 is simply the best skin care regime out there...My skin is completely clear and even. I like knowing that Miracle 10 will keep my skin clear while I am worried about breakouts, but it will also prevent wrinkles for when I get older.

- Meredith H.

I turned 40 in February…[and] I received a free gift [of] Miracle 10 Firm. I decided to give this product a try. Well almost finishing my first container I am amazed the results are comparative to what I received with Botox. I am unsure how this is possible, but I have learned when it comes to The Plastic Surgery Clinic, it is better just to accept the fact that they are the experts and anything they create will be exceptional. I cannot stop raving about this product. I have even gone so far as to tell…friends, grocery store clerks, strangers on the street…Anyone that tells me I look good I tell them WHY! Anyhow thank you for your gift It is greatly appreciated.

- Tamara M.

Miracle 10 is truly a miracle for me. Prior to using Mircale 10, I was on two forms of prescription medication for adult acne. Once I began the Miracle 10 regimen, I stopped using antiobiotic creams altogether. My pores have reduced in size and my skin feels smooth and rejuvenated. Thank you Miracle 10!

- Maryann M.

After using the Miracle 10 products for a few weeks, I am a 'convert'. It is the first time in years that my skin has not flaked with the change of the seasons. I also found I have not needed to exfoliate as often as I used too. My skin feels refreshed and that's saying something in the middle of winter. Thank you Miracle 10!

- Tatiana M.

I developed some really good habits while using the Miracle 10 products over the past 10 weeks that I plan to continue forever.

- Helen F.

These products are very gentle on the skin and they make your skin feel amazing!

- Alexandra A.

I enjoyed using the products very much. My skin feels terrific. I do feel that the look of my skin has improved. Thank you for the opportunity to test this product out.

- Helen B.

I really enjoyed using the miracle 10 products. I found the cleanser, solution and AHA gel particularly wonderful. I noticed a difference within the first week of using the products. My skin was noticeably smoother, softer and more radiant looking; even my husband made that comment (a Miracle in itself). I love the little tingle you get from the solution and AHA gel, makes your skin feel alive. I will definitely continue to use the Miracle 10 products...see you soon, I'm getting low!

- Dawn L.

After 10 weeks others as well as myself noticed a big difference and would always ask what I had changed in my routine and I said Miracle 10 ! Miracle 10 deffinatly made me 10 years younger in 10 short weeks !!

- Lynn R.

I have been using Miracle 10 for 10 weeks now. I can see a huge different. The size of my pores have shrunk, my wrinkles are diminishing, and people are commenting positively on my skin. A few days ago my husband asked what I was doing – he said my skin looked really good and that I looked younger! The other day, my cousin came over and asked the same thing. A lot of other friends and family members have also commend about how great my skin looks. I will absolutely continue to use Miracle 10 and to recommend the line to others.

- Nasreen S.

I have never used a total product line including cleansing, toning, a fantastic AHA gel and day, night and eye cream. I certainly plan to continue not only with the daily skin regimen but the with Miracle 10 line that I love. I am especially impressed with the AHA Gel I and was recently discussing pore concerns with a few girlfriends, to whom I immediately recommended Miracle 10 to try. They had never heard of the skin care line and I was more than happy to share my success.

- Martie D.

I love your product since the first week I used it.

- Sonia P.

I love this product. I felt the difference within the first 2 weeks of trying the products. My skin is significantly smoother and has less breakouts!

- Carmen H.

While using Miracle 10, I do feel that lines have diminished on my face and my skin definitely feels smoother. I will be honest and say that I have battled bouts of dryness around my nose area, but I have stuck with the program and it has improved. All of the staff at the Yorkville location have been lovely... I will recommend Miracle 10 to my friends who want to improve the appearance of their skin because I think it works!

- Diane L.

Miracle 10 skin care does work in reducing my pores. My breakouts are also under control.

- Wing Chan

Thanks to Miracle 10, I have gotten more compliments on my skin. The products do not feel gunky after applying, while providing great moisture that my skin needs.

- Mary T.

I have enjoyed the Miracle 10 product and would not hesitate to recommend it. I use it in conjunction with Vitamin C and Vitamin A, alternating nights. I also schedule time for a chemical peel once every 8 weeks and find that it all helps to keep the wrinkles at bay and my skin firm.

- Josie S.

I was skeptical at first, but these products are quite amazing! The eye cream reduced bags under my eyes that I didn't even realize was there to begin with! The smell of the day lotion takes some getting used to, but it protects and moisturizes very well!!! Thanks for the help!

- Alice L.

I’m so glad that I have used Miracle 10. The products worked wonderfully on my skin. I feel my needs were covered and after using the product for 10 weeks I still have a lot left! The size of each one is perfect and very easy to use. I would recommend Miracle 10 to anyone who wants to improve the appearance and feeling of their skin.

- Paula A.

I recommend everyone to take the Miracle 10 challenge! Give these fantastic products a try and you will see dramatic results with your skin in just 10 weeks!

- Sylvia C.

Using this product has been such a treat for my skin. It's not often that I pamper my skin with great products, but the difference you see in your skin when using a better product is remarkable. My skin felt cleaner, fresher and more radiant. People were complementing me on my skin within the first couple weeks of use. A very nice feeling :)

- Alison L.

Through the years I have used a number of quality skin care products in my regime. I have pretty good skin to start with, no big problems, just typical aging, ugh. This is the first time though I can really say that I noticed an actual difference in my skin from products.

- Susan M.

I have always purchased products from Shoppers Drug Mart and never stuck to one beauty line. Miracle 10 has changed my mind forever. I am completely sold on Toner and AHA Gel I. I have highly recommended these products to my girlfriends. It has been a wonderful opportunity to try a new product.

- Martie D.

A big thanks to Miracle 10 for the opportunity to try their skin care products. My skin looks and feels amazing!

- Sylvia C.



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